Dating DNA - Whats your Number?


What is Dating DNA?

Dating DNA is the Internet's central nervous system for online dating.  Its patented technology encapsulates all your dating information into a single 9-digit number (i.e. 254-736-844), allowing you to privately integrate all your dating information across the Internet's social graph.  Dating DNA lets you generate 1-click compatibility scores with millions of other people at websites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Craigslist, and hundreds more.    

Why should I try it?

Every day, more and more people are using social networking sites to find new people to date. Utilizing these sites is free, and provides a more natural way of meeting people than traditional dating sites. Dating DNA is the first service to address this trend, by bringing the convenience of sophisticated matching tools to these new social networking avenues.

Does it cost anything?

No. Dating DNA is 100% free and won't cost you a dime.

How is Dating DNA different from most dating sites?

  • 100% free.
  • Emphasis on stability and being bug-free.
  • Exceptionally friendly and easy to use.
  • Widely integrated across the Internet's social graph.
  • 1-click compatibility scores with millions of other people at websites such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Craigslist, and hundreds more.
  • Unique system weeds out fakes, frauds, spammers, and scammers so you know all the people you meet on the site are real.
  • Only those who meet the criteria YOU set can view your photos and profile or send you messages.
  • Support for Internet devices such as Apple's iPhone/iPod Touch and the Chumby.
  • Your Dating DNA Number can be used with people you meet offline, not just online.
  • Unique and natural approach avoids any embarrassment or a "stigma of desperation."
  • People tend to be more honest with their responses when getting their Dating DNA Number, because they aren't coloring or "customizing" them for one particular person.
  • People who would never use a traditional dating site will find they use their Dating DNA Number on a regular basis.

Will my photo and personal information be shared with others publicly?

No!  This is a key difference from almost every other dating site where literally anyone on the Internet can view your photos, read your profile, and contact you.  On Dating DNA, the only people who will ever be able to view your profile are those who meet the criteria YOU set

What is a "Dating DNA Number?"

Just like everyone's genetic DNA is different, so too is everyone's "dating DNA."  When joining the site, you will complete a detailed questionnaire and then our patented technology will encapsulate your information into your unique 9-digit "Dating DNA Number."  This number codifies all your information, much in the same way your genetic DNA does.  When your Dating DNA Number is compared with other people‚Äôs number, your personal code reveals a possible match range on a scare from 1 to 10. 

Should I get a Dating DNA Number?

Absolutely!  Just like most people have a social security number, phone number, and email address, so too should everyone have a Dating DNA Number.  Everyday there are more and more opportunities to utilize your Dating DNA Number, both online and off. 

How do I get my Dating DNA Number?

By completing the Dating DNA questionnaire.  It's easy and completely free. Simply click here to get YOUR Free Dating DNA Number.

Why is the questionnaire so blasted long?!?!?

For two reasons:  First, the more information we know about you and what you're looking for, the more accurate the compatibility scores will be.  Second, it helps weed out the lazy "players," fakes, frauds, scammers, and spammers.  Because Dating DNA is free, there isn't any cost barrier to join, so having a detailed questionnaire helps weed out the flakes.  You know that all the people you meet here invested some time to join.  If you're not serious enough about meeting compatible people to invest 20 minutes, then this site isn't for you, and we suggest you go to one of the zillion other sites where anyone can sign up in seconds and start looking at your photos, personal information, and start contacting you.  However, if you're a bit more selective, then you're at the right place.  Dating DNA is about giving you quality matches, not just quantity, and will make a poor choice for people who are just looking to indiscriminately date as many people as possible.

Do I need to upload my photo?

It is not required, but it is highly recommend that you upload at least one photo.  Keep in mind that unlike traditional dating sites where literally anyone on the Internet can  view your photos, at Dating DNA, your photo can only be viewed by those you are compatible with, based on the rules YOU set.

What is Dating DNA's Photo Policy?

If you choose to upload photos, you must have one Primary Headshot Photo, and then you can optionally have several Secondary Photos.  Please follow the basic rules outlined below when uploading photos.



- First photo must be a "headshot."  If you are going to upload photos of yourself, at least one must be a "headshot" (face only, from the neck up) that can be used for your primary profile photo.  If you do not want to upload a photo showing your face, then please don't upload any photos, this way you respect those who choose to exclude profiles without a photo from their Match results. (If you're concerned about your privacy, consider uploading photos, but then raising your Compatibility Threshold to 8.0 or higher so that only those who are extremely compatible with you will be able to see your photo.)

- Must clearly show your face.  You must be able to see all of your face clearly in your primary headshot photo.  No "headless" photos, side-shot photos, extra tiny photos where your face is too small to see clearly.  No photos which are too dark, blurry, out of focus, or with extreme special effects.  You should not be wearing masks, scarves, bandannas, sunglasses, or extreme costume makeup which make it difficult to see your face clearly.  No drawings, paintings, images, pets, art, cars, landscapes, etc.  

- Must be from neck up. 
For your primary headshot photo, please try to upload a photo that is cropped showing only your face, from the neck up, and nothing else.  However, so long as all of your face is clearly visible, Dating DNA will crop your primary photo to a headshot for you after you upload it.   

- Only of you, no group photos. 
Your primary photo must be of you, and ONLY you.  No one else should be in the photo with you (friends, babies, children, pets, etc.).

- FULLY clothed.  You can not be shirtless, semi-shirtless, or in a bikini/swimsuit in your primary photo. It is fine to have photos showing your body, but please do that in a tasteful way in your secondary photos.

- No "fake" photos which try to represent someone else as you.

- No text.  Do not have any text, logos, phone numbers, or other such information on your primary photo.


Secondary photos can be of pretty much anything (group photos, shirtless, swimsuits, pets, landscapes, buildings, etc.), provided they comply with the below policies.

- ALL photos must be "G Rated."
Absolutely NO posting of offensive, nude, semi-nude, tasteless, lewd, provocative, or suggestive photos. No photos of you in lingerie or underwear. No photos showing offensive gestures, hateful or threatening images, guns, weapons, or illegal activities.

- Not only professional, modeling-type photos. If you upload professional or modeling-type photos, you need to also include some "regular," non-professional shots, otherwise the community could question if the photos are really you and flag your profile, running the risk of your account being deleted.

- No copyrighted photos
for which you do not have authority to upload.

Community Monitoring:
  A small percentage of individuals can ruin it for the entire community, so the Dating DNA community has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate photos, and uploading inappropriate photos will result in the immediate deletion of your account.  If you see a profile with an photo which violates the above policies, please help the community by reporting that user.  You can learn more about Community Monitoring here.

As per our Terms of Service, if necessary, Dating DNA may change your profile photos to comply with the above policies.

Can I attach videos to my profile?

Yes!  If you have videos on other sites such as YouTube, you can easily link or embed them in your Dating DNA profile.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million!

Will my Dating DNA Number ever change?

No. Once you get your 9-digit Dating DNA Number it's yours and only yours. No one else will ever have that number, so cherish it, be proud of it, memorize it, and spread it around!

Can I specify my Dating DNA Number?

Not normally, but we can be bribed :-).  You'll notice our founder, Kevin Carmony, set his own Dating DNA Number to 123-456-789.  If you'd like to have a "special" number, say 111-222-333, 777-777-777, 000-000-001, etc., then shoot us an email and offer us a bribe, and we'll see what we can do.  We'll put your donation to good use in making the site better, and you'll have the rare distinction of having a cool Dating DNA Number.

Can I change my answers to the questions I was asked when getting my Dating DNA Number?

Sure. Simply login to your account and you can update any of the questions at anytime here. You are, however, limited to how often you can change your answers per day. This is because anytime you make changes to your answers, it will recalculate all the Compatibility Scores in your your Friends List based on your new answers. By limiting changes each, it prevents people from trying to adjust their answers to get a higher score by guessing at what another person is looking for. Keep in mind that making changes to your questionnaire could lock or unlock others profiles, if scores go below or above the Compatibility Thresholds.

How are some ways I can share my Dating DNA Number with others?

  • Memorize it or jot it down in your purse or wallet so you have it ready to share at a moments notice.
  • Put it on your MySpace and Facebook pages. (It's easy...see how.)
  • Use it when making posts in the personals section of Craigslist. (It's easy...see how.)
  • Put it in your Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc. profile.
  • Put it in the signature line of your emails.
  • Print the number up on some Dating DNA "business cards" to hand out when approached (or approaching someone) at a club.
  • Print it on a T-shirt and go out clubbing!
  • Put it on your car's bumper.
  • Anonymously find out if you're compatible with someone you secretly admire by emailing them your Dating DNA #.
  • And any other hundreds of ways you'll think of.

What is a "Compatibility Score?"

When two Dating DNA Numbers are compared against each other on the Dating DNA site, within seconds, a "Compatibility Score" is calculated and displayed. This number ranges from 0 to 10 and has one decimal place. For example, a Compatibility Score of 2.4 would not be very compatible at all, a score of 6.4 would be somewhat compatible, and a score of say 8.6 would be very compatible. (Learn more)

What is a "Compatibility Threshold?"

The "Compatibility Threshold" is a number, ranging from 0 to 10, that each Dating DNA user sets for themselves and defines the level of compatibility others must meet to see your profile or communicate with you.  Your Compatibility Threshold is basically a factor of "how picky" you want to be in meeting others. When answering the questions to receive your Dating DNA Number, you will be asked to set your Compatibility Threshold.  You can change it at anytime. Your Compatibility Threshold lets YOU decide and set the rules for just how selective you want to be. If others try to meet you, but do not reach or exceed your Compatibility Threshold, your privacy and personal information are protected. The more selective or "picky" you wish to be, the higher you want to set your Threshold. The more open you are to meeting others, even if they aren't completely compatible with you, the lower number you should set for the threshold. 

What is my "Friends List?"

Regardless of the outcome, anytime a Compatibility Score is generated between two people, they are both automatically added to each other's "Friends List." Your Friends List is basically a history of everyone you've ever had any interaction with at Dating DNA. You use your Friends List to review the score and profile of others, but more importantly, you can also add your own "star" rating and notes about each person. Your Friends List basically becomes your "little black book" of information on those you're interested in, providing you a place to keep notes of your interaction with each person. For example, suppose you score an 8.7 with someone, so you meet them in person, but you had no chemistry with them when you met. You could give this person one or two stars and make a note in their profile. The Compatibility Score is just the beginning. Your Friends List helps you track and keep notes of your communication with prospective matches throughout the dating process. By combining the automated Compatibility Score with your personalized interaction and record keeping in your Friends List, you have everything you need to get to know your dating partners.

How does Dating DNA determine the Compatibility Score?

To receive your Dating DNA Number, you are asked a series of questions. These questions will find out three things about you:

  1. What you are like. (Such as, how tall are you? Where do you live? What religion are you?  Do you smoke?)
  2. What your criteria is for meeting someone. (Such as, would you date a smoker? How financial stable should they be? What body type would you date?)
  3. How much weight do you place on each criteria. (Which criteria matter most to you? Would you NEVER date a smoker, or just prefer not to?)
Because Dating DNA knows the above information for you, as well as those who you do a comparison with, it can calculate with a great deal of accuracy how compatible someone might be with you in several basic areas.

How do I interpret Compatibility Scores?

Although any two well-developed individuals can enjoy a healthy relationship together, dating and relationships will tend to flow more smoothly and have a greater success rate between individuals who share a high Compatibility Score.  Compatibility Scores will start to make the most sense, and become easier to interpret, once you have several people in your Friends List, and as you start to see the relativity between individuals and the different Compatibility Scores.  However, until you become familiar with the dynamics of the different score levels, the below table and information will give you some idea as to what a particular score means:

Unknown Score ??? - If a user has created a "Limited" account and has not yet completed the questionnaire, they may appear in your Match results, but you will not be able to see a Compatibility Score with them.  (Note:  If you do not want users who do not have a Compatibility Score to appear in your Match results, simply change your Match Settings to hide Limited Account users.)   

Scores Below 5.0 - "POOR" Dating Potential.  Often you'll see scores in this range when matches are done between individuals who are not a match for each other's sexual preference.  For example, two straight men (or two straight women) will usually score in this range when compared to each other.  It's unlikely you'll have much success should you choose to date someone in this score range.  (NOTE!  If you tend to keep getting Compatibility Scores in this range, be sure and check your answers to the first two questions on the Romance & Intimacy page of the Dating DNA questionnaire.  For example, if you're a straight woman, and accidentally entered into the survey that you are a straight man, you will keep generating low Compatibility Scores when you perform matches with straight men.)

Scores Between 5.0 and 6.9 - "HIT OR MISS" Dating Potential.  Individuals in this range may prove to make good friends or adequate short-term relationships, but will rarely grow into long-term, sustainable relationships, but certainly could in some instances.   

Scores Between 7.0 to 7.9 - "GOOD" or "VERY GOOD" Dating Potential.  You will have a high possibility of success in dating individuals in this range.

Scores of 8.0 or higher - "EXCELENT" Dating Potential.  Not only will you likely find a high success rate in dating individuals in this range, they also make for ideal partners for long-term relationships and/or marriage.  Less than one in 5,000 matches on Dating DNA fall within this range.

Does a high Compatibility Score mean I'd for sure hit it off with that person?

No, because there are so many other important factors to consider which can't be determined by Dating DNA, such as physical attraction, voice, laugh, personality, chemistry, how well you get along with their family, and many others.  However, a high score does mean you are compatible with most of the "basics," which is a good place to start. Dating DNA is not so much about finding you the perfect partner (you'll have to date and spend time with someone to find that out), but is more about saving you time from dating those you KNOW you're not interested in. For example, suppose you met 10 people last month, some from online and some offline. Rather than having to date all 10, use Dating DNA to see if any of the 10 are at least moderately compatible with you. Time that would normally have been spent in lots of questions via email, IMs, phone calls, and first dates, can now be used in spending time with those you are at least somewhat compatible with.

Does a low Compatibility Score mean I'd for sure NOT hit it off with that person?

Yes, and no. Yes in that it will accurately represent how matched the two of you are based on the criteria you've set, but no in that chemistry could certainly be there with someone you're not very compatible with in other ways. This is actually one of the advantages of using the Dating DNA system, as it will help you avoid the temptation of dating someone just because you are attracted to them on a few levels, but could be very incompatible with them in other key areas--areas which will probably surface over the long term. It's true that "opposites attract," but they may not always be the best match long term. For example, you may be tempted to date someone because you are strongly attracted to them physically. In time, however, you may find yourself having to compromise on things like children, smoking habits, religion, political views, and so on. Dating DNA helps you avoid this temptation and invest time in those you may truly be compatible with for the criteria YOU set.

What if I just moved to a new city and want to make some friends and don't want to be too picky?

You should: 1) broaden how you answer each of the individual questions, 2) weigh the criteria accordingly to be less restraining, and 3) set your Compatibility Threshold to a low number. Doing these things will increase the number of comparisons that you could end up dating. (Keep in mind, however, that even if you have a broad set of criteria and a low Threshold, it doesn't mean that others will. You still will only be able to meet those who not only meet YOUR criteria and threshold, but YOU must meet theirs as well.)

What if I'm really busy and don't have much time for dating, and I want to be very selective?

Answer the individual questions very specifically for what you're looking for, weigh the criteria appropriately, and set your Compatibility Threshold to a high number. Doing these three things will cut down on the number of people who would meet or exceed your Compatibility Threshold, but if someone actually does makes it through, you will know that they are extremely compatible with you and probably worth investing your limited time in getting to know better.

What if two people have very different Compatibility Threshold Settings?

You will only be able to view the profiles of those who YOU meet or exceed THEIR thresholds (and visa versa). This prevents someone who only wants to be meet someone they are extremely compatible with from being contacted from those with low thresholds who are interested in meeting lots of people.

What does the gauge with all the colors mean?

When you click on someone in your Friends List, you will see this gauge under the "How We Match" tab:

This gauge lets you know where you and your Compatibility Score fit in someone's Friends List.  In the above example, you would be looking at Isabella's profile.  You can tell from the gauge that the people in Isabella's Friends List have scores that range from 6.0 on the low end, to 8.1 on the high end, and you scored in between that range at 7.4.  This lets you know that there are other people in Isabella's Friends List who have scored higher than you, as well as lower, but you fall slightly more towards the higher end of her scores.  This can be helpful to give you some relative idea how high, or low, your Compatibility Score is with a particular person.  The colors in the scale represent the degree of dating potential each score represents, as explained in the previous questions above.  The dark pink indicates Isabella's Threshold is 6.0.      

What does it mean when a profile is "locked?"

When a match is performed, if the Compatibility Score generated is below your Compatibility Threshold, it will lock your profile so the other person can't view it.  Likewise, if the score is too low to meet THEIR threshold, then their profile is locked so that you can't view it.  Within your Friends List, you can easily see when profiles are locked or unlocked.  If a lock appears instead of their photo, then THEIR profile is locked and you can't view it.  The small lock shown just above the score, shows the status of YOUR profile.  (See examples below.)

Clicking on these icons will manually override the automatic settings, and hovering over them will display useful help information.  As you can see from the above example, it's possible for the Compatibility Score to meet one person's Threshold but not the other's, in which case one profile would be unlocked and the other locked.  (See the next few questions for more about locking and unlocking profiles.)

How do I manually unlock my profile for someone to view?

When a match is performed, if the compatibility score generated is below your Threshold, it will lock your profile so the other person can't view it.  If, however, you'd like to manually override this, and unlock your profile for this one user, you can do so.  Simply go to the home page and find the user you'd like to unlock in your Friends List.  You will see a small lock icon just above the Compatibility Score for this user.  (See the example graphic in the previous question.)  Click on the lock icon.  This will manually unlock your profile for this user to view, and you will see the lock icon change to an unlocked icon.  This does not unlock your profile for any other users.  If you wish to manually lock your profile from someone, simply click on the unlocked icon.

How do I ask someone to manually unlock their profile for me to view? 

When a match is performed, if the compatibility score generated is below the other person's Threshold, it will lock their profile so you can't view it.  If, however, you'd like to ask this person to manually override this, and unlock their profile for you to view, you can do so.  Simply go to the home page and in your Friends List, find the user you'd like to ask to unlock their profile.  You will see a lock appear where their photo would normally be.  (See the example graphic two questions up.)  Click on the question mark by the lock icon.  This will manually unlock your profile for this user to view, regardless of the Compatibility Score, and then automatically send them an email asking them to do likewise, and manually unlock their profile for you to view.  They may, or may not, accept your request.

Can I have my profile automatically unlocked for everyone?

Yes.  Simply lower your Compatibility Threshold to 1, which will effectively unlock your profile to everyone who adds you to their Friends List.

What are "Matches?" 

Dating DNA allows you to browse other Dating DNA users with whom your compatibility score with them meets THEIR Compatibility Threshold.  This is a great way to meet new friends for dating.  Simply browse through your Matches and add those you're interested in to your Friends List or remove those you're not interested in so you don't have to keep reviewing them each time you browse your Matches.   

How was Dating DNA started?

Dating DNA was started by Kevin Carmony (Dating DNA Number: 123-456-789), a single, and very successful business professional who felt the Internet was an ideal place to buy a car, locate a place to live, find a job, sell items, and so on, and that it "should" also be an ideal place to find compatible people to meet for dating.  However, he felt all the dating sites fell short in many ways, and he had no interest in traditional dating sites such as, eHarmony, and so on.  He then designed the Dating DNA system and got some of his smart friends and colleagues excited about the idea. Not to let a good idea go to waste, they all thought it would be fun to try and perfect such a system, and was born.

How does this site remain in business if it's free?

The individuals involved are successful professionals and are funding it privately. They want to see if they truly can perfect this unique approach to modern day dating.

Will Dating DNA always be free?

There are no plans to charge for the site, but it's conceivable that it could become extremely popular and need additional resources, so using advertising or charging fees at some point can't be ruled out, but it's not likely.

But aren't dating sites for desperate losers?

Many feel that way, but Dating DNA is different and isn't so much a "dating site" as it is a tool to help you determine your level of compatibility with those you meet. This gives Dating DNA a less desperate image and you'll find it being used by many high-profile, quality, successful, and attractive individuals who might otherwise be turned off by regular dating sites.   

Can I use Dating DNA offline, as well as online?

Absolutely! Giving out your Dating DNA Number instead of your phone number is a great way to protect your privacy, weed out those you're not compatible with, yet still meet those you are a good match for. Work, church, parties, introductions through friends, clubbing, etc. are all great ways to use your Dating DNA Number.

How do I tell others about Dating DNA?

If you like this free service and find it useful, we hope you'll tell others about us. One of the best ways to let others know about Dating DNA, is to post your Dating DNA Number EVERYWHERE! Place it on your MySpace and Facebook pages, in your AOL, MSN and Yahoo profiles. Use it when making postings in the personals on Craigslist. Put in on a T-shirt and wear it out when you go clubbing. Why not put it on a bumper sticker on your car? Here are some buttons and tools you can use to tell others about Dating DNA. 

What safety precautions should I take when meeting someone from the Internet in person?

Meeting strangers, regardless of how you first came in contact with them, should be approached with caution. Dating DNA doesn't screen any of the users, nor do we have any way of knowing the truthfulness of their answers. It is your responsibility to use precautions when meeting someone from this site in person. It is recommended that you take the following precautions when meeting anyone new: 1) Avoid sharing any personal information with those you meet on the Internet, such as your home address, place of employment, phone number, etc. 2) Meet someplace public, where there are plenty of people around. 3) Meet briefly for your first outing, perhaps at a coffee shop. You can always plan more extensive dates after you've had your first meeting. There's no point in spending lots of time or money the first time you meet with someone, in case you realize you're not interested further within moments of meeting. 4) Consider meeting the first time with a friend, and always make sure others know where you will be meeting and to expect a call from you within a few minutes of the time you had planned to meet.

Can I temporarily hide or turn off my profile?

Yes.  Simply change your Compatibility Threshold to 10.  This effectively hides your profile from everyone else on the site, but allows you to still browse those who you meet their threshold, email others, etc.  This will also allow you to keep the option of lowering your Threshold later, should you desire.

Can I delete my account and be removed from the site completely?

Yes, but should you wish to join again at a later date, you will need to answer all the survey questions again.  Therefore, you may wish to consider only hiding your account (as explained in the previous question), just in case you decide you'd like to use it again at a later date.  To completely delete your account forever, login to the site and then go to Your Profile page.  Click on the Delete Your Account button and follow the instructions.