Dating DNA APIs
Dating DNA is not just a dating website, but it is also a "engine" which provides free dating features and services to ANY website.  Developers can use the Dating DNA's Open APIs and Web Services to quickly add sophisticated dating features to Social Networking sites and Internet devices.
Example Sites
Here are examples of the kinds of sites where you can use the Dating DNA APIs:
  • Social Networking Site Apps (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Open Social, etc.)
  • Home Page Widgets (iGoogle, MyYahoo, etc.)
  • Classifieds (Craigslist, etc.)
  • Mobile devices (iPhone, etc.)
  • Internet devices (Chumby, etc.)
  • Personal Websites
  • Other dating sites
  • Matching Games
  • Chat rooms
Here are some of the features you can easily add to other sites using the Dating DNA APIs:
  • One-click Compatibility Scoring
  • "Fly-by" Compatibility Scoring
  • Photo Browsing by Compatibility
Featured Apps
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Learn More
To learn more about the Dating DNA APIs and Developer Services,
email us.