Dating DNA - Whats your Number?

What is Dating DNA?

Through a patented system* and the use of unique "Dating DNA Numbers", this free-to-use service allows you to instantly determine how compatible you are with another person, literally within seconds of meeting them, yet still keep your anonymity and protect your privacy.

Unlike traditional dating sites where literally anyone on the Internet can view your photos, read your personal information and then start contacting you, Dating DNA's unique approach keeps all your photos and personal information completely private, except from those who are compatible with you, and the rules YOU set.

You start by getting your own unique 9-digit Dating DNA Number, then simply exchanging your number with those you meet, either online or offline. Either of you can then visit the web site and plug in the other's number. (If the other person doesn't yet have a number, they too can get their unique Dating DNA Number for free.) The site will then do an extensive analysis between the two of you, and within seconds produce a "Compatibility Score." Only if the score is high enough to hit or exceed your "Compatibility Threshold," which you have set for yourself, can the other person view your profile or contact you. If the Compatibility Score is lower than your threshold, then no further information about you is shared, and the only thing the other person will ever know is your Dating DNA Number, first name, and the Compatibility Score...nothing more.

In your private Dating DNA account area, Dating DNA saves a history (called your "Friends List") of anyone for whom a Compatibility Score with you has ever been generated. You can enter your own "star" rating and notes to any of the people in your history, providing you with ONE centralized, on-line database of those you are dating or considering dating.

Start today, and Get YOUR Free Dating DNA Number.

*Patents pending. Dating DNA, LLC.